The key to life insurance is customization

…and when it comes to ensuring you have the right life insurance for your unique financial circumstances, you’ve come to the right place in Financial Strategies.

Life insurance is commonly misunderstood. Many people understand how it can provide peace of mind for both the policyholder and the policy’s beneficiaries, but the benefits don’t stop there. In the right hands, life insurance it can be a powerful and effective financial planning tool thanks to the variety of products available to you.

So, what can life insurance do?

There are two basic kinds of life insurance policies: Term insurance and permanent (or cash value) insurance. You Blackburn Financial team can help you determine the policy or policies that best fit in your overall financial plan. Depending on the product(s) you choose, life insurance can:

- Provide liquidity at death and preserve the dependents’ standard of living

- Provide for college expenses

- Eliminate home mortgage and loan balances

- Pay for expenses for long term care

- Provide supplemental retirement income as a cash reserve with tax deferred growth and tax free income

- Provide liquid assets in estate planning or create an immediate estate

- Equalizes inheritance for beneficiaries

- Provide funds for a business transfer of ownership

- Provide key employee protection

At Financial Strategies you will receive a life insurance policy review - a very important step in ensuring your future financial wellbeing. There are a number of variables, both in your always-changing life and in the life insurance policies themselves, that can make a policy become a less-than-ideal fit for your needs. With decades of experience in life insurance, Financial Strategies can provide the guidance you need.